Day One: Arrival at Nairobi

Everyone landed today. The first 4th at 6am and the last 4th at 4pm. Everyone had the chance to meet Johnson and Collins, our drivers and also to at last meet one another.

On the way to the hotel, we noticed the level of pollution in the street everywhere. With the grey weather, everything appeared like foggy. But we saw the towers of Downtown Nairobi far away, the gigantic billboards and the cows eating grass along the road.

We are sharing four bedrooms at the same floor at the hotel which is almost empty. The 6 amers got the chance to nap while I went pick uo the 4 pmers who had to get into action right away. Quick shower and then meeting to prepare the following day.

Jeff, director of Uweza and myself, the trip leaders, briefed the kids about our expectations in term of behaviour and safety rules. We remind them that as we are responsible for their safety, they are responsible of their own behaviour during the trip. We expect that they fully engage with a responsive and positive attitude in the service and learning activities and that to be able to help other people they mind need to forget a bit about themselves. Jeff describes how they should behave with the children and adults of Kibera as we are disrupting their everyday life. “No pity when you look at them but at the opposite give them hope.”

After that we went to have a delicious dinner cooked by the chef of the hotel: beef stew, rice, spinach, fruits. Watching the soccer match Germany-Mexico together was fun.

Everyone went to the room at 8.30pm knowing that curfew is at 11pm. Hum hum will they respect it?

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