Day 8: Hell’s gate and Park Navaisha

After an exhausting week, we decided to take the kids outside Nairobi for the day. With us, we invited 3 high school students from Kibera and also 3 members of Uweza. We drove above the escarpment where we had a beautiful view of the rift valley and headed to Hell’s gate.

We rented bikes for everyone and rode 8km to the Gorge. Among the Kibera kids, some of them had never ride a bike before, so we sat them on the back of a tandem. At the end of the journey, they had a good sense of it!!!

We were a bit disappointed not to see giraffes but got the chance to see zebras, gazelles, impalas, elans, eagles and monkeys.

After lunch, we rented boats on Lake Navaisha to go find the hippos but, what started as a beautiful ride turned into a nightmare when clouds started moving full speed towards us and a huge storm fell on our head. We had to head back quickly but got completely drenched to the bones from head to toe. I let you imagine the ride back to Nairobi which took 3 hours because of the rains!!! Everyone is in bad mood tonight including myself. Let’s hope noone get sick tomorrow…

One thought on “Day 8: Hell’s gate and Park Navaisha”

  1. What a day! Amazing pictures and if you look at the bright side, this is one they will NEVER forget!!!
    Marie tu es une GO en or pur!


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