Day 9: The French flag floating at Red Rose.

This morning, six kids on seven were feeling better and could go back to work at Red Rose. In particular Pierrick, who have been calling sick for many days. He taught the 6th graders how airports are functioning and described how airplanes work. Most of them had never been to an airport or a plane before. For the fun, he also showed them how to make paper airplane and organised a competition of airplane throwing in the courtyard. Lots of laughters on both parts.Then later on, he taught the 8th graders how economy works.

The other kids continued the lessons they started the day before. We heard the beautiful voice of Alice and her guitar all morning in the classrooms.

This afternoon, we received the visit of Madame Ramoneda, the chargée d’affaires representing the French Ambassador who came to visit us at the school and see the work we are doing with the children. We surprised her by welcoming her with the French National Anthem we taught the kids yesterday. It was very emotional to hear this song from our country resonate on the wall of Red Rose.

Madame Ramoneda was also pleased to see the teens teaching French to the children. She then graciously offered to talk to us and the 7th and 8th graders of Red Rose about diplomacy in Kenya.

At 5pm we went to Uweza community center to watch the match France-Danemark with Uweza senior soccer team and few players from the Black Stars, another soccer team of Kibera in division 2 managed by a French Sport teacher of Lycée Français de Nairobi, Luc Lagouche.

French French French Day… Vive Ufaransa !

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