Day 11: last day of work at Red Rose

Everybody today was kind of feeling the end of the trip approaching…

We started at Red Rose with finishing the painting of the library and putting all the books back on the shelves. It is nice to see the transformation of the room! Our objective is to make that room very welcoming and relaxing so the kids can have a quiet and nice place where to read books. We bought cushions and stickers to put on the walls and Jaypee will get a carpet for the floor.

Then after the kids distributed lunch to the children, we displayed all the donations items on the floor to count and show all the teachers what we brought for them: books, board games, jumping ropes, badminton, crayons, color pencil, markers, rulers,…and a lot of soap, shampoo, tooth paste and brushes…posters, pretend play toys, cards, etc, etc,etc…

I had the chance to meet the 5 students who have been selected to receive a sponsorship thanks to the fundraising event we had in May. It was nice to see the relief in the eyes of their parents who can now keep their kid at school and not in the street. Thank you to the Ruszkowski, the Borsuk, the Devanneaux and the Di Falco. For those who might be tempted, it is only $25 per month or $300 a year to sponsor a Red Rose student. Contact me if interested.

During this time, some were stretching their sore muscles for having carrying the books and painting for two days at the yoga class. Yes, students at the school have the chance to have yoga classes!

At lunch time, we had the chance to go to the masai market and everyone had so much fun bargaining with the masa, particularly Malo and Gabriel. For example one of them succeeded to go from 6,000 ksh to 50 cents! Jeff Okoth taugh them how to bargain kenyan way. Very successful.

One group went back to Red Rose to help decorate the school for the 20th anniversary party tomorrow and the other group to Uweza to prepare Good bye and Thank you cards to give to the Red Rose School students tomorrow as it will be our last day there.

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