Day 12 : Huge party at Red Rose for their 20th anniversary

Today was all about Red Rose and partying with the kids to celebrate the creation of the school 20 years ago. It started then as an orphanage with few kids and now welcome more than 400 children. As all the speeches were pointing out, the school had many challenges but still resisted and became a school famous for the quality of education and nurturing care for the children.

Many personalities talked between the dances, songs and poems of the kids until they brought a huge cake I had the chance to cut in small pieces, so every kids and adults could have a piece. In my speech to the audience, I pointed the few things we observe as we were in the classrooms: the level of discipline, the curiosity and eagerness to learn, the smartness and sense of community. I also promised then that we will continue to be ambassadors of the school and try to find more sponsors for the children whose parents cannot pay the school fees

For us then, it was time to say thank you to the classes and good bye as tomorrow 4 of the 7 teens are flying back to France. All the kids jumped in our arms crying or gave us lots of very sweet messages of good bye. We got attached to them but THEY got attached to us too, and somehow we feel sad to have to leave them in their difficult environment.

We finished the evening at Carnivore, a restaurant where they serve you every type of imaginable meat on traditional masai swords.

Tonight it is time to pack the luggages…

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