Day 13 : Departure day for some of the students

This morning we had our last meeting. Everyone wrote about the main things they will remember for ever. For most of them, the good bye at Red Rose was the most emotional memory and this moment will stick in them for ever. The visit into the kibera families’ home was very intense as well as it showed them the darkest side of the children’s daily life. “I will never forget about this experience!”

We also asked them to share with us the things they liked or not in the trip. Here are some of the comments: “pretty amazing two weeks, super fun to meet all those friends and joke together ” “i loved everything about the kids, their smile, the bonding, the greetings, the notes they gave us. I won’t be able to forget it.” “Very successful trip where we learnt to really help. We did not have much time to relax and we kept focus on our mission”. “i have seen and learnt so many things. The kids were genuinely kind and never take anything for granted like the one in the US. I got so attached to them””i was really touch by one of the girl in my class who was the most outgoing and when I learnt that her mom had sent her to do housecleaning job instead of sending her to school for a while, I could not believe she could still keep her smile the way she does all the time.” “I had a great time teaching” “incredible trip for me with super meaningful moments.”

Everyone concluded that it might be difficult now to describe this trip to their family and friends as they might not be able to put all the emotion they felt into words.

We then went to the soccer field where all the kids from Uweza Soccer Academy from age 7 to 25 were waiting for us to distribute the donations items. They thanked us so much as all the items are going to be so useful to them. Many kids were missing cleats, jerseys, gloves, etc…and now they will be able to play matches with the proper equipment which might give them pride and confidence.

1 pm…time to say good bye and go to the airport for Alice, Dimitri, Jeanne and Paul. Lots of emotion as there was such an amazing chemistry between each member of Project Kenya.

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