We are back…

One year have passed…June 2019, new chapter! Five teenagers from last year have decided to come back to Kibera: Alice, the ballet dancer who twirls around Red Rose school accompanied with her guitar ; Paul, the discreet but efficient soccer goal keeper also specialized in physics experiment; Dimitri, the French songs specialist who is always there when you need him; Malo, the Maths specialist who loves entertaining the group when time is stressful; and I, the leader of the group, soccer player at heart, who likes to share this unique experience with my friends.

From NY and Los Angeles, in a couple of days, they will be plunging into Kibera’s community for the second time for most of them and for the third time for me. 2019 was also a year of successful fundraising which allows us to arrive with many ideas of actions to put into place.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “We are back…”

  1. Welcome back to your beautiful place:)!! Amusez vous! Profitez bien de tous ces sourires et expériences!!


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