Day 1…first impression: we all felt like we were in Kibera yesterday!

After an early arrival at 6am and a long wait for a luggage which somehow decided to stay at CDG airport, we took the road towards Kibera and droved through Nairobi rush hour (worth than Los Angeles!). We immediately recognized everything. It was as if we left Kibera a month ago! Nice feeling!

After a couple of hours of rest, we started our several meetings in a row. First one at Uweza Art Gallery to organize the logistics of Kibera Art Fest, a competition where apainters and photographers from Kibera will be able to present three of their artwork to a professional jury next Thursday. Project Kenya will distribute $3,000 worth of prices to the first three winners in each category.

Second meeting was with Vincent from the Centre for Community Development and Human Rights to talk about the pitch competition we are organizing next week for young entrepreneurs of Kibera. With the help of CCDHR, Uweza and I choose life -Africa organization, we are going to select 10 business projects which will receive some seeds after two months of business training. More to come on this Shark Talk next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Third meeting was with the soccer coaches to set up the organization of a soccer clinic with the 132 kids from Uweza Soccer Academy. Camp starts tomorrow with Paul, Pierrick, Dimitri and Malo as the super organizors. They need to eat lot of bananas tonight to get their energy back.

The rest of team had arrived from Paris in the afternoon really exhausted but ready to start.

Bon pied, bon oeil…

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