Day 4 in Kibera: Let me take you for a tour

Today was the day of home visits. Everyone had the chance to walk through the slum and spend some time with a local family at their house. Those time are precious because it helps you see and feel the reality of their everyday life. At home, people tends to be more open and talk easily about their challenges.

Reactions of the group tonight: when they asked us what were our challenges, we didn’t know what to answer as our life is so easy compare to them!

Follow us through the tour…

The sparkle of the day: Jeff Okoth, Uweza Director and co-trip leader invited us to his house to eat delicious chapati and meet his one year old daughter Amor and sweet wife Noelle.

As it is Saturday, we stopped at a local bar to have a Tusker beer with Uweza team and then I took everyone for a good meal at Junction Mall. C’est la fête le week-end…

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