Day 11: Twirling Dust

Imagine more than 200 ballet costumes twirling on the dusty roads of Kibera…

In our luggage, we brought a lot of donated items and most of them were ballet costumes and leotards that we collected from our friends, neighbors and dance schools. Just to give you a sense, Raphaele brought 200 costumes in three large duffle bags from NY. The leotards were given to Red Rose School for the ballet class that Alice taught but for the costumes, we had to find a ballet school in the slum with lots of kids. With the help of Brian Otieno who took this amazing shot of Ballerina Elsie, we knock at Project Elimu’s doors and below is what we saw…

What we saw was literally breathtaking, there were more than 250 kids dancing under a corrugated roof responding to Mike, a former dancer who started this program 1.5 years ago. They were preparing to stage the show they produce every year.

They welcomed us as angels because many of the girls had never worn a ballet costumes. Mike asked them each to pick one, dress up and go outside in the square to show us some parts of the show from last year. It was like Christmas time!

On the dusty road outside the school, they presented us this great spectacle to the rhythm of the music of Black Panther.

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