Day 13: It all starts with books

Today we had to say goodbye to Alice, Dimitri and Paul who left for Europe. Only Malo and I are still left here in Kibera for two more days.

During our stay, some children at the Red Rose School asked us for books and dictionaries. The shelves of their library were almost empty. After hearing this and seing how interested they were when we read Charlotte’s Web together, we decided to find a bookstore and get some story books, novels, atlases, and encyclopedias to start filling their bookshelves. When we arrived, it was amazing to see the kids fighting to be able to read the Encyclopedia. These children are asking for only one thing: to broaden their knowledge and learn more things beyond the Kenyan curriculum and beyond Kibera border! We need your help to get more books on the shelves! You can either donate on or put them away until we can send them to Red Rose. The easiest of course, is to donate money so we can buy the books in Nairobi as the weight makes shipping difficult.

Today was also the day we finalized the budget from all the donations we received this year. With the money raised, we succeeded to:

– to pay for 34 students sponsorships

– to renovate the classrooms at Red Rose

– to buy a ping-pong table

– to buy a TV and supplies for Red Rose Safe house

– to launch the project of building a new floor at Red Rose for a music room and after school activities room.

– to organize Kibera Art Fest and distribute prizes to the best three artwork selected by a professional jury ($3,000)

– to organize a Pitch Competition and allocate micro-credits ($5,000)

– to initiate the project of building an upstairs level at Uweza Foundation for a computer room, conference room and offices

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