Day 2 in Kibera…and we were welcomed by the French Anthem! Yes we did!

Yes…unbelievable! This morning at our arrival at the Red Rose School, all 400 kids were waiting for us, big smile on their face, so excited to see us. At our big surprise, they started singing the French Anthem, the Marseillaise that we taugh them last year. They still remembered it! And they still remembered our names! So happy to see us that we almost had tears in our eyes. All emotions were coming back. We felt the same way a big brother and a big sister feels when they are coming back from college and see their siblings. “We felt that we belong to this place”, said all the teens tonight.

They invited us to dance and everyone felt at ease and not shy. Lots of fun. We then distributed the breakfast and went in the classrooms with them.

Then we went to visit the safe house Red Rose is opening next week to host the 8th grader girls who have trouble to focus on their study at home because of the chores they have to accomplish when they come back home at night with their family. This facility will welcome them in boarding for the entire year but also welcome the younger girls who have issue at home, most of the time with step parents or foster parents. This Safe house really feels like home when we visited it eventhough it was still empty.

We walked back to the school and distributed lunch. Today we bough sodas, rice, ugali and meat to make this lunch a real feast for them. We were happy to welcome Raphaele, Malo’s mom who just landed from NY in the morning.

In the afternoon, after a visit at the market, direction to the soccer field where Malo, Dimitri, Paul and I animated a soccer clinic. Not easy…130 kids between 8 and 15 to keep busy for two hours. A bit challenging but we succeeded with brio !

The sentence of the day that can become our motto is:

“It has nothing to do with the place, it has nothing to do with the country…it has to do with the People”. And here in Kenya, and specifically in Kibera, everyone welcome you as if you have been in their inner circle for ever, whether they are adults or kids. It is almost like a trust relationship from start. You feel like you are one of them immediately! This was Raphaele’s reaction after her first day here in Kibera.

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