Day 10: Together we are strong…and efficient

And this is what happen today! Uweza artists and soccer players and project Kenya team joined their talents to paint a mural but also to refresh the paint of Uweza community center walls. All of us together, we accomplished a lot.

Uweza is a safe place for children and young people in need of sponsorship but also for those who would like to develop a talent. From soccer program to art studio, but also girls empowerment and young mother support, this center is welcoming so many different people with different backgrounds and help them to grow from stage A to stage B.

We decide together to pick bright and joyful colors and also to inspire ourselves from Keith Haring whose personnages in equilibrium represent the solidarity in an organised chaos, just like in Kibera.

Here is the result of our day

After we finished painting, we brought all the donations bags in the middle of the court and counted all the items we brought. Almost 200kgs of soccer stuff. 300 jersey, 44 shoes, 38 shinguards, 19 goal gloves, 60 socks…

Jennifer Sapitro, the founder of Uweza Foundation thanked them for all the hard work of these two weeks but also for the great achievement of rising more than $10,000 in four months. She also told them the story on how she quit USA to come and establish herself in Kibera in 2012.

In the evening, we receive the visit of the Red Rose School director, Jaypee, who came to talk about character development and leadership. He invited the kids to reflect on their trip and look at everything they have accomplished. He reminded the kids about the importance of honesty, integrity and discipline and invited them to become ambassadors of the school when they are coming back home.

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